Monday, 11 October 2010

The STM32 Value Line Discovery

The STM32 Value Line Discovery is a nifty little demo board available in the UK for around 8 quid. It has a built in STLink USB programmer / debugger and a target SMT32F100  micro controller from STmicro's value line range which happens to be a pretty capable beast running at 24 Mhz with 51 GPIO pins all available on the DIP Header  allowing the STM32 Discovery to be plugged straight into a breadboard. The GPIO pins can also function as one of a 1.2us ADC with 16 channels , No less than 12 Timers , Two 12 mbps SPI , 3 Usarts, Two I2C and one CEC interface's. It comes with 128kb built  in flash and 8kb ram.

Free but somewhat limited development software from STmicro's partners is also available for download from the STM32 Value line website as is some sample code. You can pick one up one of these bad boys in the UK from Farnell here Or search on the order code STM32VLDISCOVERY.

Bad news for Linux users , The STLink is Windows only I'm afraid as is the free development software but you should be able to program it with any JTAG/SWD programmer and ignore the STLink part.

For more information and some close up pic's take a look here.


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